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Hear him speak about creating the soundscape, the importance of silence and watch how he writes and arranges, using his guitar and a looper. For more information please visit: www. John Shubat, Jegger John received his B. John thanks his friends and family for their continued support.

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With only two weeks to produce a show, the FireWorks Festival is a dream! Matt Jensen, Stage Manager Matt is an actor, writer and director who most recently worked as a stage manager for the New Ideas Festival. He writes and directs his own short films and has several projects currently in development. She is currently studying at the Abelard School, and is a proud member of Alumnae Theatre. Catherine Beecraft, Props Catherine joined the Alumnae in She has acted, operated lights, sound and produced once!


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Categories :. Cancel Save. A homing pigeon gives the Castaways hope of calling for help. Basic Info. It took some time patiently searching for a few little grass seeds, but he was satisfied and contented. The crow spent the day turning over cow dung patties, so he could gobble up the worms and insects he found there.

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This was fairly easy work, but he kept thinking it would be even easier to steal from the rich man's kitchen. And no doubt the food would be better too!

Lionel Messi of the pigeon world sells for £1,000,000

When he was full, he went to the pigeon and said, "Sir pigeon, you spend too much time searching for and eating food. It is no good wasting the whole day that way.

Let us go home. He was quite happy that way. At the end of the day, the impatient crow followed the pigeon back to his bird house. They slept in it together peacefully. They spent several days and nights in this way. Then one day there was a delivery of many kinds of fresh meat and fish.

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The cook hung them on hooks in the kitchen for storage. The crow saw this and was overwhelmed by the sight of so much food. His desire became greed, and he began plotting a way to get it all for himself. He decided to pretend to be sick. So he spent the entire night groaning and moaning.


The next morning, the pigeon was ready to go look for food as usual. The crow said, "Go without me, sir pigeon, I have been sick to my stomach all night long. The pigeon replied, "My dear crow, that sounds so strange. I've never heard of a crow getting an upset stomach. But I have heard they sometimes faint from hunger. I suspect you want to gobble up as much as you can of the meat and fish in the kitchen.

But it's for people, not crows. People don't eat pigeon food. Pigeons don't eat crow food. And it would not be wise for you to eat people food. It might even be dangerous! So come with me as usual, and be satisfied with crow food, sir crow! The crow said, "I'm too sick, friend pigeon, I'm too sick.

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Go ahead without me. I warn you, don't risk safety for the sake of greed. Be patient until I return. But the crow paid no attention. He thought only about grabbing a big piece of fish, and was glad to be rid of the pigeon.

The Pigeon The Pigeon
The Pigeon The Pigeon
The Pigeon The Pigeon
The Pigeon The Pigeon
The Pigeon The Pigeon
The Pigeon The Pigeon

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