The Last Days of a Rake

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Rake's End, Cincinnati: Address, Phone Number, Rake's End Review: 5/5

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  • The last days of the dinosaurs /by Matthew Rake ; illustrated by Peter Minister. – National Library.
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Also available in: Atom PDF. It has been concluded in Consensus that this was not The Rake's presence, but of technical failure.

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It has attacked Alex , Evan , and Vince. It has killed Jessie , and Ryan, possibly others. It has been speculated to have been involved in attacks on Jeff and Alex's parents , Lexi , Linnie , and Jessie's grandmother Rose.

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An image caught on camera of some form of entity. The entity on this camera was never stated to be The Rake and assumed to be an alien, but the resemblance is uncanny. Linnie is mentioned in the Corenthal Letter dated as a patient of Dr. Corenthal not connected to the Mining Town Four. A letter from William to Linnie was found in the Bag. William and Rose were the names of Jessie's grandparents.

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Speculation is high that The Rake was involved in the killing of Rose. The police statement in the Rose Article states "this was not the work of a human attacker" and that local Animal Control had been alerted. Alex's description of The Rake whispering prophecies to him is much more akin to The Rake's actions in the original creepypasta than has previously been described in this series. The Rake and Slender Man have another thing in common. On whats argued to be a cloth of the Slender Man's clothing, and on a victim of the rake they found Sigma Radiation.


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Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Illustration of the Rake by TheIckyMan.

The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake
The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake
The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake
The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake
The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake
The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake
The Last Days of a Rake The Last Days of a Rake

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