The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)

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But you don't see me beggin like a foolchild to have an entry rewritten. I actually appreciate that this entry was written the way it is, as not only it contains much of the usual hilarity as expected of Troy, but it's also written differently. It's fresh. Hiya, Loved this! Wow, I guess I have totally different tastes than this blogger, since he seems to hate all of my favorites except for The Haunted Mansion I too was disappointed with this review since it didn't really actually review the book. I thought this was one of the scarier ones since it involves fighting time travel, and more importantly it ends with my birth year never happening and me never being born The thing that always sticks in my mind about Juno, , In Theaters Now.

Also, I know this is an old entry, but I can't believe hardly anyone realized Troy was joking! Also, I never really got the ending properly - wouldn't erasing or whatever year it was kill everyone from that year? Not just his sister?


Talk about the damn book, not some fucking movie that i will never give so much as half a shit about. I personally enjoy you experimenting with what you can do in your reviews. While people seem to fiercely debate whether this one was a failure or a success, I appreciate you putting the effort into trying something different. God, people are stupid It was obviously made in a self-referential fashion, he wouldn't have had marked it bold or repeated the phrase in contexts that obviously didnt fit. If he were being serious and trying to subliminally market the movie, he would have chosen a subtler, less "jokey" manner.

I thought this was great. Hahahahaha, okay, the review itself is pretty on par with the rest i. Also, Troy, your one solitary comment here in the comment section is just golden. Never change. He gets caught in his underwear by his female friends who take a picture , his little sister humiliates him and gets him punished nonstop, and he has to get his diaper changed by his mom. Cody Cromarty said And thus, nobody ever approached Troy Steele for an advertising deal ever again.

Lmao, funnier than the whole post. Even though the joke was intentional, doesn't mean it was funny. I ended up skimming through the last half of it and ignoring all of the bolded bits.

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I usually enjoy your reviews but this one was dull. The Juno shilling was boring and overdone and really, it was just a recap of the book with none of the funny comments and observations in the other reviews. Seems like you were half-assing this one.

Good review EXCEPT for the fact that the references to a completely unrelated film that I don't really care about were in the the hundreds. Post your advertisement at the start or end! I didn't feel this review was a interesting as many of other reviews. This book was pretty creepy to me as a kid. This is what I believe to be the best goosebumps book mainly because his family never had Tera they were happier but what makes it such a good book is that he's literally preformed a quantum abortion on his sister and would she have continued to spiral downwards and been a brat or grown up and be a good person either way he shouldn't be the protagonist even the kids that fought Monsters only killed them in one book.

It's seven years later. Go back and watch it again. I remember loving it. I remember it being so clever. I saw it again about a month ago. It's nothing but annoying, cloying, pseudo-snark trying so hard to capitalize on the indie-hipster kids twenty-something year old kids we all were back then. Bobcat is right, Diablo Cody is just terrible. The angry comments on this entry are funnier than the actual review.

I suspect that this book, along with Calling All Creeps, remains a fan favorite because it's one of the few times the protagonist gets a happy ending. Post a Comment.

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Monday, December 31, 28 the Cuckoo Clock of Doom. Official Book Description: Tara the Terrible. That's what Michael Webster calls his bratty little sister. She loves getting Michael in trouble. Making his life miserable. Things couldn't get any worse. Then Mr. Webster brings home the antique cuckoo clock. It's old. It's expensive. And Mr. Webster won't let anyone touch it. Poor Michael. He should have listened to his dad. Because someone put a spell on the clock. A strange spell. A dangerous spell. And now Michael's life will never be the same again Brief Synopsis: Michael Webster has suffered at the hands of his little sister Tara for the last seven years of his life.

Even as a baby she was a brat, and her behavior as the book opens has gotten no better. She visits him at his basketball game and plants a brutish teammate's baseball cap in his backpack, resulting in Michael receiving a beat-down.

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Tara leads Mona, the girl he likes, into his room while he's still in his underwear. It's subtle but the point is that Tara is so rotten that she deserves to be erased. Whoops, did I just spoil the ending?

hulodexo.gqumps: #28 The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Michael's dad has decided to spruce up the household decor, not with new wallpaper but with an antique cuckoo clock! Anthony claims the clock has a slight defect, though he wouldn't reveal the defect. Anthony also tries to sell him an urn he bought in Stillwater, perfect for throwing up blue slurpees into. Michael's dad ominously warns against anyone touching the clock, so the two kids waste no time in touching the clock. Shenanigans ensue, none anywhere near as exciting as those found in Juno , In Theaters Now.

Several days after the arrival of the clock, Michael suffers his worst humiliation yet at the hands of seven-year old Tara.

Goosebumps # “The Cuckoo Clock of Doom”- I Said “CLOCK!”

It seems that even his birthday party is not safe from the tiny terror. Michael is led out to the garage to see his secret birthday gift. No, not a cactus-gram, but a new speed bike! Unfortunately, Tara decides to try to ride the bike and hops on, crashing it into the cement garage floor. Michael glumly looks at the large white crack in the new black frame of the bike.

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Back inside the house, things get worse as Tara tells Mona that Michael likes her. He tries to tell her to shut her gob, but Mona thinks she's cute. Tara then opens all of Michael's birthday presents for him. To cap off the lovely party, Tara trips Michael as he carries his chocolate cake into the living room. She won't stop until somebody calls the cops and even then she'll start again and just pretend that nothing ever happened.

Michael is so upset that he makes a secret birthday wish to get a chance to redo his birthday. As this wish is about to come true, the reader will discover that Michael would have been better off wishing he could attend a screening of Juno , In Theaters Now. Late that night, Michael decides to get back at Tara by framing her in a clock-blocking. He sneaks downstairs and pulls the little tweety-bird out of the clock. He positions the bird backwards, knowing that his father will blame Tara.

When Michael wakes up, he discovers that it's his birthday again. RL Stine lacks the subtle direction of Jason Reitman, so the repeat of events in the book is not as thrilling as repeat viewings of Juno , In Theaters Now. In fact, all that happens is exactly what happened the first time, meaning that Michael doesn't even alter his action beyond occasionally whining that he's reliving the same day. He still trips, gets embarrassed, etc. The book keeps working backwards. Every time Michael goes to sleep, he wakes up earlier in his life.

Except he wakes up at arbitrary times so that he can not only relive the events from the beginning of the book and still not change them, rendering the book's padding padded , but also skip back four years at one point, all for cheap shots like, "Boy I look silly as a 3rd grader," "Boy I look silly as a 2nd grader," etc. The cuckoo clock is still in the antique shop so Michael never gets a chance to turn the bird back around, thus solving the whole time travel problem.

RL Stine was never a stripper, so naturally the Cuckoo Clock of Doom can't be anywhere near as good as the Golden Globe-nominated Juno , In Theaters Now , but this book is exceedingly dull and uneventful. Eventually Michael wakes up and he's a year-old baby, wearing diapers in a crib.

It seems as though Michael is Phuket Thailand-ed for life, as the next time he goes to sleep he'll presumably cease to exist-- a worse fate than being hanged by a licorice Super Rope! Being a baby sucks for Michael, because he can barely walk and his parents won't let him pop Orange Tic-Tacs due to the choking hazard. Luckily, Michael's parents decide to visit the antique store that day. As they argue over a table, Michael sneaks off to turn the bird's head around. So there's a baby climbing up some chairs to play with the antique clock.

Geez, even Juno has a Kimya Dawson song about vampires in it, this book has babies playing with clocks. Michael-baby reverts the bird and then messes with a dial on the side of the clock, setting the year to Availability: Out of stock ZAR Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share.

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The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28) The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (Goosebumps, Book 28)

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