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In this selection of unrivalled images collected over many years, and now part of Frontline's new War in the Air series, the operations of this famous aircraft in the latter years of the Second World War are portrayed and brought to life. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series.

Add to basket. Junkers Ju 88 Chris Goss. Combat Over the Mediterranean Chris Goss. Heinkel He Chris Goss. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. The Do 17Z became the main production version, equipping three Luftwaffe bomber wings at the height of the Battle of Britain. The aircraft was already virtually obsolete. It was nimble at low altitude but could only carry 1, kg of bombs and had a limited range. Like the Heinkel He , its defensive armament was weak and losses were severe. Dornier Do 17 production was terminated in the summer of It was designed as a fast medium bomber and first flew in December Udet demanded that the Ju 88 be capable of dive-bombing.

The Ju 87 was the chosen weapon of the Luftwaffe High Command, designed to deliver pin-point bombing attacks in a near vertical dive. It was effective during the campaigns in Poland and France, when German forces operated largely in an environment of air superiority. But in the skies over Britain the story was very different. After some initial successes by heavily escorted formations, the Stukas were slaughtered by RAF fighters.

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On their worst day, 18 August, 12 Ju 87s were shot down and many others damaged or written off in crashes on their return. Such losses meant the aircraft was gradually withdrawn from the battle. Ian Carter. Friday 5 January See object record. Supermarine Spitfire Mk I of No. Hawker Hurricane Mk I of No.

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The V2 was the first true bomber prototype and led to the pre-production of the medium-bomber He. The first military trials revealed that these aircrafts were underpowered and so they were rejected for the service and sold to China. The same airframe was the base for the He.

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It was armed with 7. With the wingspan reduced to Other variants followed, in the effort to redesign its structure to reduce the manufacturing time. The Henkel He.

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The aircraft was continuously upgraded, and several different versions were used in multiple roles. A Heinkel He.

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The H variant, fully glazed nose with no wind screen steps and offset ball turret, powered with kW 1, hp Junkers Jumo engines, was the more widely produced and saw more action during World War II than any other. While this aircraft was primarily a medium bomber, the H variant was also adapted as a torpedo bomber, a glider-bomb carrier, and even as a balloon-cable cutter.

There were over He. The Heinkel He.

Beginning the war as a medium bomber, it supported the German campaigns in the field until They were employed to attack Polish airfields, supply lines and cities, leading to the Poland surrender in October , and then in the assault to Norway and Denmark in April , and France and Low Countries the following month. By mid , when Germany started the attack to British targets, the He.

They were armed with more defensive firepower: additional machine guns in the nose and tail, and a 20mm cannon in the ventral gondola, necessarily with more crew to serve the guns, slowing the aircrafts considerably.

Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2
Heinkel He 111: v. 2 Heinkel He 111: v. 2

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